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Well that didn’t take long. As we reported yesterday, photos of a new concept car by the new head designers at Mazda trickled around the net yesterday. Now it has come to light that Mazda recently invited members of the automotive press to Italy(did Mazda forget where their headquarters is located?) to show their Shinari Concept. Stunning does not fully describe it. It’s as if they combined an Aston Martin with the RX8 and bam!!, you have this beautiful work of art that is the Shinari.

The Shinari looks not that far off from a production Model RX9. If Mazda does choose to use this design for the successor of the RX8, along with a rotary powerplant with at least 300 HP, the spirit of the RX7 would truly be back.

Mazda, are you listening? Bring the Shinari concept to the masses as is. Bring back the turbo rotary that your fans have been clamoring for. Regardless, we like where this is headed.