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Honda, Where Art Thou?

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Around The Web
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Honda was once a passionate company. They engineered pieces of magic for the everyday driver that shared a passion for cars as well. Nothing embodied this Spirit that Honda once had more than the NSX. It was, when introduced in 1989, a technological tour de force. The first production car to feature and all-aluminum body and it also introduced the world to the most potent 4 letter acronym the automotive industry has ever known. VTEC. People who don’t even know what VTEC means know that there’s something special under any Honda that has those letters grace its engine bay.

While the S2000 and all the Type Rs that followed all introduced new technologies and vehicles that appeared to defy the laws of auto physics, with lowered powered VTEC models outperforming higher powered vehicles on the Circuit, the NSX was the genesis that started it all. And now that the last great Type R, the FD2 Civic from Japan, is set to be discontinued this August, Honda wont have any performance models available to the people. Regardless of what anyone says, the CR-Z is not a performance vehicle.

The people at Format67 share this same sentiment, but took it one step further. They made their own, what can be called, tribute video for the NSX with none other than Arton Senna commentating throughout. Senna won 3 Formula 1 championshiops with Honda powered F1 race cars, until his tragic death in 1994. With all that being said, there’s only one thing left to say.

Honda, Where Art Thou? When Will Thy Passion and Spirit Return?