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Back when Cadillac introduced the CTS, it sent a clear message to the automotive world that they had decided to leave their old image of big, soft driving vehicles to a more driver focused, performance oriented experience a la, dare I say, BMW. When people thought Cadillac, images of black on black Escalades with 24″ wheels and tinted windows would normally come to their heads. The CTS changed all that and it will forever be remembered as the sport sedan that Trinity drove in the Matrix Reloaded, in arguably one of the greatest car chases the movie world has ever seen.

Then Cadillac released the CTS-V. Now, in its current iteration, Cadillac holds the proud distinction of having the fastest sport sedan in the world. This is boldly captured in their recently released commercial below. Shot at their competitions home course the Nurburgring, or the Ring for many aficionados, the boys from Cadillac show highlights of the record-breaking sub 8 minute run around the famed German track. It’s an uber cool video that will soon make it to a cable channel near you. Until that time, press play below and enjoy the sound of that mighty supercharged Corvette engine as it punishes the asphalt with one heck of an American growl. “BMW, Mercedes, Audi. The American luxury muscle car has arrived.”


So the guys over at MT decided what better way to test the new CTS-V Coupe then to fly one to Germany and go on a little road trip with the new Audi RS5 and the BMW M3. While it wasnt an all out performance test, the editor does provide a nice view on all 3 vehicles and it gives you his opinion of which is the best coupe overall. Tune in below.