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While we wait patiently for the in-house battle that will be the 2011 STI Sedan vs STI Hatchback, the guys over at Inside Line got their hands on the standard 2011 WRX Sedan and put it through its paces. How does the new sedan fare vs the old model with the new Subaru suspension and widebody track? Click the video below to find out.



While the automotive monsters of the world like the Nissan GT-R, Pagani Zonda R and the entire stable from Porsche tackle the legendary Nurburgring track to see who is the fastest on the asphalt. There was another all-together different road that was being tormented by a different type of machine. This time it was the Mt. Washington Auto Road. The car, a WRC spec Subaru STi. The driver, none other than X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana.

A record that stood for 12 years was broken by Pastrana this week. This monster of a course, which features over 100 turns, a one-mile unpaved section with a climb from a base of 1,527 feet up to the summit, 6,288 feet above sea level, was tamed by Pastrana and his STi in a blistering time of 6 minutes and 49.11 seconds. For the record, Pastrana’s lap was 20 seconds faster than the previous 12-year-old record.

For those who do not know Travis Pastrana, he started out as a young phenom riding dirt bikes. He splashed on to the extream sports scene at the X Games, where he won numerous medals during dirt trick competitions. When Rally was announced for the X Games and Pastrana was on the list of drivers in its inaugural run, many in the extream sports world questioned how this young kid ,who seemed to be fused to his bike, would do driving a rally car. The answer that Pastrana gave them can be seen below.

So, do you want the Sedan….

or the Hatch?

That is the choice that for some reason the heads at Subaru decided to give us for the 2011 model year. The US Spec STi will get the same 2.5l Flat 4 Cyl, still producing 305HP and 290 lbs of torque. But that’s where the similarities between 2010 and 2011 car end.

The front and rear spring rates are increased 16 percent and 53 percent, while antiroll bars are increased to 21mm front and 19mm rear, each 1mm larger than in the 2010 WRX STI. Ride height has also been lowered by 5mm, which looks even more dramatic with the new exterior styling that makes the 2011 STi look a lot lower to the ground then it actually is.

Some editors are calling this the best handling Subaru ever. Something that has always been an advantage for Mitsubishi’s Evo, with it’s magical AWD system. Subaru engineers choose to tuned the suspension, rather than their AWD, to increase the cornering potential of the new STi. (Check the new STi on the Nurburgring on the site)

This is where things get a bit tricky for the hopeful buyer. You can have your choice of a new 2011 STi Sedan starting at $34,700 or the Hatch model for $36,720. Why the premium for the Hatch model you say, which even has the same engine? Well the Sedan has new, lighter Enkei wheels compared to the 2010 model. However, the Hatch now comes standard with Forged BBS wheels, which were a $2k option the for the 2010 model.

Now since you might want those BBS wheels anyway, the issue still remains. To Sedan and or to Hatch?

That is the Question.