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They’re both powered by a V8 engine and send that force to the rear wheels. Both are 2 door coupes with seating for 4 and are available with a 6 speed manual transmissions. But that’s where the similarities end and the big differences show up. The new Ford Mustang GT brings an all new 5.0l engine, cementing the fact that the Muscle Car is not going away anytime soon, but is only getting better. Ford is on a massive roll with all their vehicles recently, but the Mustang is the head horse in the stable. Yes, the new Camaro is getting a lot of press these days, specifically with a little known movie franchise directed by Michael Bay, whose cars appear to be “more than meets the eye”. Even so, the new Mustang is, without a doubt, the king of the Muscle Cars.

And then there’s the BMW M3. The current German power house is powered by a V8 for the first time. It’s uber sexy in every way. From the bulging hood that tells you that they put something special under the hood, to the carbon fiber roof oozing a take no prisoners aura. Yes, this is by far the best M3 to come out of Bavaria. But why would we be comparing BMW’s finest to a lowly American Pony Car, especially when you see the almost $30k price gap between them? It’s simple. It’s all about performance.

The Mustang equals the M3 in practically every performance category that could possibly be tested. This became clear once both cars met on the track. How close was the Mustang? You will have to see the video below to find out. Thanks to the guys over at Motor Trend.

Source: Motor Trend


So the guys over at MT decided what better way to test the new CTS-V Coupe then to fly one to Germany and go on a little road trip with the new Audi RS5 and the BMW M3. While it wasnt an all out performance test, the editor does provide a nice view on all 3 vehicles and it gives you his opinion of which is the best coupe overall. Tune in below.