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The 2010 Super GT came to a close at the Twin Ring Motegi race track. Round 7 at Fuji Speedway could not take place due to a devastating tsunami and mud slides that wiped out major roads around the circuit area. A special Fuji Event will take place later this year as a big thank you to all the fans for their support.

Which brings us to Round 8. Both the GT500 and GT300 championships were still up for grabs, in what has to be the most tightly contested season in the history of the series. The Weider Honda HSV-10 led the GT500 class by a single point over the charging Eneos Lexus SC430. The drama began as the green light fell down on the race, with the Eneos SC430 being given a 20 second penalty stop for passing a red light as it exited the pits on its way to the starting grid. This made the Eneos team’s chances to win the GT500 class almost impossible and relieved a lot of the pressure on the Weider team. Or so we thought. The Honda would battle the Petronas Tom’s SC430 for the entire second half of the race, in one of the most exciting duels in recent Super GT memory. The Weider team drivers, knowing that a 2nd place finish would secure the 2010 title, were in full attack mode. Both cars bumped each other on a number of occasions, which resulted in Weider team orders being given to make sure they finished the race and not end up in the gravel. In the end, the HSV-10 made one last run at the finish line, but the Tom’s SC430 held off for the win. Even still, this was enough to give Honda and Team Weider both the Drivers and Manufacturers Championship. A huge accomplishment for Honda’s new machine in its first year of competition against the proven SC430 and the mighty GT-R.

The chase for the GT300 title was also up for grabs by the fan favorite Corolla Axio APR GT and the Tomica Z. And just like in the GT500, another early incident would play a huge part in deciding the new GT300 champion. On the third turn of the first lap the Corolla Axio ran off course and into the gravel, signaling the end of their season and championship hopes. This gave the Tomica Z full advantage, as the bright orange Nissan dominated the entire race without any challengers, taking the win for the day and the GT300 championship.

It was the culmination of one of the most exciting seasons ever for Super GT and even the previous JGTC series. In the GT500 class, the dominant GT-Rs and SC430 proved strong all season, but inevitable dethroned by the new Honda HSV-10. A car that was sent to rest before being released to the world as the next NSX, only to show once again that when it comes to world-class racing, just like past Formula 1, when Honda aims to create a powerful RWD car, it tends to surpass the expectations of not only its competition, but of its own designers as well. We just hope that Honda hears the prayers of their fans and finally decide to release an iteration of this car in future production form.

And in the GT300 class, fan favorite team RE Amemiya could not find their groove all season, giving way once again to Nissan and its iconic Z to take this years championship. 2011 might be a little bit of the same. But then again, as we reported months earlier, rumor has it that Honda is planning to enter the GT300 class with none other than the new CRZ, but in RWD format. Can Honda replicate this years magic in the GT500 class with their new sport-hybrid? We shall see.

Thanks goes to all the teams and sponsors for making this the most exciting seasons yet. And thank you, the fans, for all of your support.

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AMS. A company synomous with high performance Lancer Evolutions has spent quite an amount of time on the R35 GT-R since it’s release as an 08 model. AMS has the honor of pruducing the fastest Lancer Evolution in the world for the standing quarter-mile. What have they achieved with their Alpha 10 GT-R? To give it some context, the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest production car in the world, achieved a top quarter-mile run of just 10.2 seconds at 142.9 mph. Click on the video below to see what the AMS GT-R laid down on the track.  

Fun Fact: you can buy 17 AMS Alpha Tuned GT-Rs for the price of one Bugatti Veyron.

Infiniti recently announced the creation of their performance division dubbed IPL. In the same fashion as Mercedes AMG or BMW’s M division, IPL will be a performance line of existing models sold by Infitini. The first model is scheduled to go on sale this December as the IPL G Coupe.

Here what we know about the new IPL G Coupe. It will be powered by a retuned VQ series V6 that will push 348 HP and 270 lbs of torque, which employes a recalibrated ECU and a new high-flow dual-exhaust system. Steering has been retuned as well, in addition to new revised dampers, sport brakes with aluminum alloy opposed calipers and a viscous limited-slip differential.

The exterior features new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler and IPL badges throughout. The new wheels are a split seven spoke design, which seems to be popping up on every manufacturer now since Mazda made this design popular on their RX8. Bridgestone Potenza RE50A performance tires are the rubber of choice.

The IPL G Coupe will also come with standard  Bose premium audio system, Infiniti hard drive navigation system, 9.3GB music hard drive, Infiniti voice recognition for audio navigation, memory system for the driver seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors, rearview monitor, rear sonar and moonroof. In addition, the interior comes with red-stitched leather-appointed front sport seats with manual thigh extension and driver’s power torso and thigh support adjustment, a red-stitched steering wheel, Silk Obi aluminum trim and aluminum pedals.

Now, I know what your probably asking. How can Infinit sell this as a performance line when this IPL G Coupe only has 18 more HP then a standard G37 when the M3 has over 100 more HP then a standard 3 Series twin turbo model? I asked myself the same thing. IPL seems to be more of an Type S line, which Acura offered in the past, then an M or AMG division performance vehicle. Still, it seems that the price wont be raised as much as any M car either, which is a good thing for enthusiasts. Especially since no one would pay an M3 price for an Infiniti that doesn’t come close in performance.

The funny thing about all this IPL this, performance that announcement, is that the best performing Nissan is not an Infiniti at all. It is, in fact, a lowly Nissan if you will. And it’s called, you guessed it, the Nissan GT-R. Why haven’t they made the Infiniti version of it? Perhaps we’ll never know.

In what could go down as the most dramatic final lap in the Super GT series, the KEIHIN HSV-010 scores its first win for 2010 in the GT500 class and the second win in 5 races for Honda and the would be successor to the NSX.  In GT300 action, the Apple K One-Shiden ended the race the exact same way they started it. In First.

See all the highlights of all the crazy action below.

Original Source: Super GT

Nissan scores another win with the GT-R, as team Calsonic Impul and MOTUL AUTECH GT-Rs take the top 2 spots in the GT500 class. In GT300 action, fan favorite Team RE Amemiya and the immortal RX7 score their second win of the season. Action below.

Toyota teams dominate Round 3 of the 2010 Super GT series as they take the top 4 spots in the GT500, with the MJ Kraft SC430 taken the win. In the GT300 class, the Corolla Axio APR GT take first place, in what was one of the most dominant weekends for any of the big 3 manufacturers. See all the action below.

The Weider HSV-10 entered the race on top of the pole and never relinquished their lead the entire race. It was a dominant performance by the Honda powered machine, which sent a clear message to the SC430s and the GT-Rs of the GT500 class that the soul of the NSX is alive and it means business in 2010. In the GT300 class, the Mola Z executed a perfect game plan to get their first win of the season, while the Team Amemiya had to endure steering problems with the Round 1 winning RX7. It was an exciting race, but don’t take my word for it. Check out the highlights below.