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Infiniti recently announced the creation of their performance division dubbed IPL. In the same fashion as Mercedes AMG or BMW’s M division, IPL will be a performance line of existing models sold by Infitini. The first model is scheduled to go on sale this December as the IPL G Coupe.

Here what we know about the new IPL G Coupe. It will be powered by a retuned VQ series V6 that will push 348 HP and 270 lbs of torque, which employes a recalibrated ECU and a new high-flow dual-exhaust system. Steering has been retuned as well, in addition to new revised dampers, sport brakes with aluminum alloy opposed calipers and a viscous limited-slip differential.

The exterior features new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler and IPL badges throughout. The new wheels are a split seven spoke design, which seems to be popping up on every manufacturer now since Mazda made this design popular on their RX8. Bridgestone Potenza RE50A performance tires are the rubber of choice.

The IPL G Coupe will also come with standard  Bose premium audio system, Infiniti hard drive navigation system, 9.3GB music hard drive, Infiniti voice recognition for audio navigation, memory system for the driver seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors, rearview monitor, rear sonar and moonroof. In addition, the interior comes with red-stitched leather-appointed front sport seats with manual thigh extension and driver’s power torso and thigh support adjustment, a red-stitched steering wheel, Silk Obi aluminum trim and aluminum pedals.

Now, I know what your probably asking. How can Infinit sell this as a performance line when this IPL G Coupe only has 18 more HP then a standard G37 when the M3 has over 100 more HP then a standard 3 Series twin turbo model? I asked myself the same thing. IPL seems to be more of an Type S line, which Acura offered in the past, then an M or AMG division performance vehicle. Still, it seems that the price wont be raised as much as any M car either, which is a good thing for enthusiasts. Especially since no one would pay an M3 price for an Infiniti that doesn’t come close in performance.

The funny thing about all this IPL this, performance that announcement, is that the best performing Nissan is not an Infiniti at all. It is, in fact, a lowly Nissan if you will. And it’s called, you guessed it, the Nissan GT-R. Why haven’t they made the Infiniti version of it? Perhaps we’ll never know.