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Trying to find the words to describe Gymkhana 3 can be very difficult. You probably think you have seen it all when it comes to motorsports. Everything you can imagine that is possible when a man or woman gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, collect all that and put it in a recycle blue bag and just throw it in the trash can. Nothing, not the high speeds of Formula 1, the all terrain battle of WRC, the crazy side ways action of Drifting, heck, not even your favorite racing anime will prepare you for what you are about to see. And I’ll end this with one question.

Is Ken Block even human?


Many Americans still don’t realize how awesome the Ford Focus has been in Europe. From the highly successful WRC racer, to the street tuned ST and RS models, the Focus has earned a reputation of being one of the top sport compact cars in Europe, in addition to the rest of the automotive world, except the US of course. Well that’s all about to change.

You see, after Ford of America decided that all its models from around the world would share similar chassis and drivetrains, as opposed to market specific ones for Europe, Australia and North America, the US will finally get the Focus that everyone always wanted. That, boys and girls, would be the hot Ford Focus ST. The car you see here is a concept version, which, rumor has it, is extremely close to the production model that every global market, including the US, will have available as a 2012 model. The Ford Focus ST will compete with the likes of the Mazdaspeed3 and Volkswagen GTI under the ST badge and not the SVT moniker that was once expected.

So what’s so special about this latest Foci you ask? For starters, the body has been designed with a deeper front bumper with large air intakes, a gaping one-piece grille, wider side sills, a sizable spoiler above the rear tailgate, a unique rear bumper cover housing a pronounced central exhaust and signature five-arm, double-spoke alloy wheels. The interior consists of sport seats with body-colored inserts, deep-set main instruments, a trio of secondary dials for oil temperature, turbo boost pressure and battery charge, with carbon-fiber-look trim adorning the dashboard. The Ford Focus ST will be powered by a performance-oriented version of Ford’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine delivering 247 horsepower. This provides the Blue Oval’s latest hot hatchback with an increase of 25 hp over the current European ST, which uses a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder shared in a number of models by Volvo. A six-speed manual gearbox will be standard equipment, with power delivery being sent to the front wheels. Rumors are also flying that a sedan version is in the works as well.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before we see the young tuner crowd taking it to the Mustang with their modified Focus STs and we can’t wait.


Is this a Pony Car or a Super Car? Earlier this week we reported on a comparison between the new Ford Mustang GT vs the current gen BMW M3. To the surprise of many readers, the GT equaled the performance of the M3 in virtually every category, including at the track. All this and you still have an extra $30k to spend on a daily driver. Well, that’s if you live in the North East like I do. A Mustang and snow clearly don’t mix.

So what can we expect from the top of the line Mustang known as the Shelby GT500? The crew @ Inside Line asked themselves the same thing. They put the new Snake through their normal tests and beat the living ponies out of it. What they found out is something I think we all new, even before the GT500 was released. This is the best Mustang, and live rear-axle muscle car for that matter, that has even been produced. Porsche owners better not sleep. This Snake can run as fast as it can bite.

Watch the full test below:

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

They’re both powered by a V8 engine and send that force to the rear wheels. Both are 2 door coupes with seating for 4 and are available with a 6 speed manual transmissions. But that’s where the similarities end and the big differences show up. The new Ford Mustang GT brings an all new 5.0l engine, cementing the fact that the Muscle Car is not going away anytime soon, but is only getting better. Ford is on a massive roll with all their vehicles recently, but the Mustang is the head horse in the stable. Yes, the new Camaro is getting a lot of press these days, specifically with a little known movie franchise directed by Michael Bay, whose cars appear to be “more than meets the eye”. Even so, the new Mustang is, without a doubt, the king of the Muscle Cars.

And then there’s the BMW M3. The current German power house is powered by a V8 for the first time. It’s uber sexy in every way. From the bulging hood that tells you that they put something special under the hood, to the carbon fiber roof oozing a take no prisoners aura. Yes, this is by far the best M3 to come out of Bavaria. But why would we be comparing BMW’s finest to a lowly American Pony Car, especially when you see the almost $30k price gap between them? It’s simple. It’s all about performance.

The Mustang equals the M3 in practically every performance category that could possibly be tested. This became clear once both cars met on the track. How close was the Mustang? You will have to see the video below to find out. Thanks to the guys over at Motor Trend.

Source: Motor Trend

The Boss 302 is back. And this time it looks more tuner car then ever before.

The 302 will be powered by the same new 5.0-liter V8, which now turns up 440 ponies(couldn’t help it) 28 more than the standard GT and 380 lb-feet of torque thanks to revised cams, new intake and a tweaked ECU.  A six-speed manual with a short shifter and your choice of the standard limited slip or an optional Torsen unit keep the power on the ground.  Pirelli Pzeros is the rubber of choice, with 255/40ZR19s for the front, 285/25ZR19 out back.

The new Boss sounds more muscular than ever. Ford put the new Stang on an 11 pound diet by removing additional sound dampening and put side pipes with “attenuation discs” that can be removed for additional noise. Definitely something we’re not use to seeing from the factory.

A new front splitter from the Boss 302R and a unique deck-lid spoiler set this Mustang apart. But the most eye-catching features have to be the new color scheme. It looks like something ready for SEMA then the actual street, with a retro Jordan edition paint pattern to boot. But like all the other new Mustangs, this one is sure to sell like hotcakes.