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You read it right. One lucky driver managed to get himself into the hot new Mustang. But not just any regular pony, but the mighty, tire smoking Shelby GT500 for a grand total of $200. How is this possible you ask? Simple. He went to a game convention.

Before Halo and Gears of War became synonymous with the FPS world, Quake was the mother of all multiplayer FPS games. It took what Castle Wolfestein 3D and Doom laid as a foundation, but then decided that it was better to blow up your friends than your standard computer AI characters. Quakecom came to be in 1996 and since then has become the Superbowl and CES of the FPS world, hosting the largest LAN tournament in the world, as well as unveiling all the new hardware that will power the next year’s worth gaming PCs. It is here where the story gets interesting.

One of the sponsors of the event raffled not one, but two Shleby GT500s to a hundred gamers who purchased their raffle tickets at the event. Before the first ticket was pulled, one of the attendees and ticket holders was offered $200 for his ticket by one of the spectators. Thinking that he had no chance of winning and looking to make an easy $200, the spectator agreed and the transaction was completed. Little did he know that a few minutes later, the raffle ticket that he just sold would be the one called as the winner, as he stood there and watched the buyer claiming the keys to the new Mustang.

How would you react to the biggest fumble in raffle history? Better yet, how did the original seller react to his great auto misfortune? Click the video below to see.