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Let’s see now. On one hand we have the newly released Bentley Mulsanne. This German powered Royal weighs almost 6000 pounds and is moved around by a 6.75L twin turbo V8 which produces, get ready for this, an asphalt twisting 752 lbs of torque. To compare, the only production gas-powered vehicle on the planet that produces more torque is the top of the exotic range Bugatti Veyron. But wait, the Bentley still weighs 5984 pounds? Don’t worry. The Mulsanne will still power down the straits at the same speed as a Nissan 370Z, hitting 0-60 in just 4.9 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.5 seconds. Not to shabby. That is, if you can afford the $330k plus price of admission.

So where does Hyundai come into play? Well, in case you were hiding in a nuclear fallout shelter, you have probably noticed that Hyundai has been stirring the auto market place with an excellent line of new, and what appear to be luxury, line of vehicles at Toyota prices. It all started with the Genesis sedan, which has quickly led to the Mercedes Benz looking Sonata. Now Hyundai has finally brought their flagship car, the Equus, all the way from Seoul to the streets of Santa Monica. On the street, the Equus has been confused as a new Mercedes and even a Maybach, all vehicles costing thousands more than the Hyundai. The reason for that is the Equus luxurious styling and impressive list of standard features that it’s more expensive rivals offer, only at a higher premium.

So the gang at Motor Trend decided to test drive the new Mulsanne and also bring the Equus along in the process. So, how does the $70k  Hyundai compare to it’s $330k counterpart? See the video below to find out.